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Rotationally Grazed

Being grass-fed is good for the animal, while being rotationally grazed is good for the land. Typically what happens is a farmer will turn their animals out to the land with unrestricted access to the entire pasture in what's known as "continous grazing". In this system the grass never has a chance to recover because it is being continously grazed by the animals which eventually leads to overgrazing. Ground cover is reduced increasing the chance of erosion while limiting the amount of grass (aka tiny solar panels) that are able to sequester carbon from the atmosphere through photosynthesis and pump that valuable carbon down through its roots into the soil feeding the soil food web. Not only this but because the animals have unrestricted access to the pasture they tend to go around cherry-picking their favorite plants and continually eating those which overtime lowers pasture biodiversity. By doing what's known as "rotational grazing" a farmer will subdivide his paddocks rotating their animals throughout the land allowing the grass to recover before being grazed again. This process mimics what happens in nature. You can think of the land like you would your muscles. Periodic disturbance from working out actually helps your muscles to grow back stronger but only if you give them the proper time they need to recover.

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