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Pastured-Raised Chicken

Looking for a healthier and more humane alternative to conventional chicken? Introducing, MannaFeast's 100% pasture-raised chicken! This is hands down the best chicken you will find anywhere and a special treat for those who want the highest-quality, most delicious chicken available today!

Want to know a dirty little secret? It’s a common industry practice to inject the chicken you are buying at the grocery store with a water solution, up to 15% by weight. They call this “enhanced” chicken. We call it BS. Don’t pay more for bland watered down chicken full of antibiotics! Instead buy all-natural pasture-raised chicken from MannaFeast Farm!

Our chickens are humanely-raised using nature-inspired regenerative farming practices, ensuring they get to graze, peck, and scratch through our rich regenerative pastures full of a variety of grasses, legumes, and insects, just as nature intended. We supplement their diet with non-GMO grains from a local grain mill. This diverse diet and exercise not normally found in regular chicken is what gives our pasture-raised chicken it’s incredible flavor and texture. Order our pasture-raised chicken online today and taste the difference yourself!

Not only that, but this natural high-quality diet means our chicken is even more nutrient-dense, packed with protein and a variety of essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamins B3, B6, B12, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, creatine, choline, and higher in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids! Do let people tell you meat isn’t nutrient-dense!

We take animal welfare seriously at MannaFeast. Our chickens are 100% pasture-raised in a stress-free environment, which means they spend their entire lives outside, getting fresh air and sunlight, right here on our regenerative farm in Michigan. Unlike factory farms, we never raise our chickens in dirty, stressful, inhumane and crammed, buildings. Because of this we have no need for sub-therapeutic antibiotics to keep our chickens healthy, so all our chicken is antibiotic-free and hormone free, as well! As a result our pasture-raised chickens are happier, healthier, and taste better than conventionally raised bird.

So, whether you're a busy mom searching for an easy, healthy meal for your family, a foodie seeking the best tasting chicken around, or maybe someone who is concerned with animal welfare and sustainability, MannaFeast’s pasture-raised chicken is for you. This all means you can trust that you're getting the purest, healthiest, most natural chicken possible, from our farm delivered directly to your door!

So, order today for the highest-quality pasture-raised chicken around, which is not only good for you but good for the planet too.