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What Is
Regenerative Agriculture?

At MannaFeast, we pride ourselves on our

Regenerative Farming practices

Rather than settling for mere sustainability, we believe as farmers, we have the power to actually regenerate the landscape, leaving it better than we found it for future generations. 

This means we focus on building soil, sequestering carbon, hydrating the landscape, and increasing biodiversity, all the while creating nutrient-dense food for you!

Our animals are genuinely pasture-raised, spending their entire lives outside, grazing our rich regenerative pastures and getting fresh air and sunlight all year long.☀️

Here's what our Regenerative Farming practices

are doing here at MannaFeast

🌱 Building Soil

Healthy soil is the foundation of all life on earth. Our regenerative farming practices feed the soil increasing fertility and microbial life in the soil, resulting in healthier plants, animals, and ultimately, the food on your plate. Remember, Healthy Soil = Healthy Animals = Healthy People

🌎 Sequestering Carbon

Our regenerative grazing methods help capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, storing it in the soil where it will stay for hundreds of years. This has a positive impact on the environment, helping to mitigate climate change. In essence, we are actually farming grass!

💧 Hydrating the Landscape

Regenerative farming helps increase soil organic matter (carbon), which acts like a sponge, absorbing and holding water from rainfall. For every 1% increase in soil organic matter, the soil can hold an additional 20,000 gallons of water per acre! That's a lot of water!

🐝 Boosting Biodiversity

Animals are a vital part of any properly functioning ecosystem as they close the nutrient cycle and help naturally restore fertility to the soil, giving us the ability to regenerate large swaths of land. A proper pasture-based farm works within the setting of a natural grassland, allowing an entire ecosystem to flourish around it.

🐄 Improving Animal Welfare

Our animals live in their natural environment, where they're free to express their instincts and each provide their own unique contribution to the workings of the farm as a whole. MannaFeast is a holistic system that relies on the inputs and unique contributions each animal provides. This makes for healthier, happier animals and a more productive and regenerative system overall.

Curious to learn more about regenerative agriculture?

Check out our blog below!


Ecological Regeneration & Biodiversity at MannaFeast

MannaFeast is committed to investing in various conservation efforts in the coming years to increase biodiversity and wildlife habitat on our regenerative farm. Our farm is already home to an abundance of wildlife, from snapping turtles and beavers, to monarchs, bubble bees, and hawks! 

Our goal is to create a beautiful safe haven for all of nature - and humans. Whether it’s the positive impact we strive to have on our customers, community, or the planet; healing is at the core of everything we do. Which is why we say...

🌎 Our Mission

Healing Land, Body, and Soul…One Bite at a Time!

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