Welcome to the MannaFeast! - Stay Tuned for Our Official Launch, Coming Soon!

About Us

Welcome to MannaFeast!

Your trusted source for the absolute best in pasture-raised meats and eggs, delivered! 📦

We believe you deserve better than grocery store meats 👎

Which is why at MannaFeast, we're bringing the farm to you! 🚛💨

From our pastures to your plate, we’re making it easier than ever before for you to finally get your hands on 100% grass-fed, truly pasture-raised meats and eggs, all without leaving the comfort of your home! 🏡

We believe good health starts with good food. That’s why all our animals are truly pasture-raised, grazing on rich regenerative pastures, and basking in fresh air and sunlight all year long ☀️

Healthy Soil = Healthy Animals = Healthy People

❤️ Our Vision

Our vision for MannaFeast goes beyond just providing you with the highest quality, pasture-raised meats and eggs. We see a future where our farm is not only the source for the world’s most delicious, nutritious, and soul-satisfying food, but becomes a vibrant oasis overflowing with life. 🌈

🌱 Our Farm

Our story begins here with our farm. Nestled near the Manistee National Forest in Michigan, we raise our animals on 76 beautiful acres of rolling pasture and mixed forest, complete with two ponds and a winding creek. MannaFeast is more than just a farm. It's a regenerative paradise: From the snapping turtles 🐢 and beavers 🦫 inhabiting our ponds, to the hawks 🦅 soaring across our skies, to the wild turkeys 🦃 and deer 🦌 grazing our pastures amidst the fluttering butterflies 🦋, a miraculous abundance of creatures thrive alongside our livestock.

👨‍🌾 Our Practices

Our nature-inspired regenerative farming models aren’t just about ethically and sustainably raising livestock; they’re about healing the land and our customers' bodies while delivering you nutrient-dense, pasture-raised meats and eggs right to your doorstep.

🌎 Our Mission

We're proof that we can feed the planet while creating a beautiful safe haven for all of nature - and humans. We're committed to the belief that the food we eat has the power to either heal or to destroy. That’s why, by choosing MannaFeast, you are not just supporting this vision but actively joining us on our mission - 

Healing Land, Body, and Soul…One Bite at a Time!


🎉 Join MannaFeast Today 🎉

We’re here to help you take the first step in becoming a more informed meat-eater and supporting a truly regenerative food system.

So, skip the grocery store and know exactly where your food is coming from by buying direct from MannaFeast! Say goodbye to misleading labels, green-washed marketing claims, and often meaningless buzz words like "all-natural" and "free-range" that are designed to charge you more for the same product! 🚫

👋 And say hello to food that’s good for you and good for the planet. You’ll be enjoying the most delicious, nutritious, and soul-satisfying food, from our pastures to your plate.

**You'll automatically receive a free $10 store credit on us, just to get started! This is our way of saying thanks and helping you as you embark on your journey towards transforming average dinnertime into unforgettable feasts! 🍽

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