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Humanely Raised

What is good for the Earth naturally becomes good for the welfare and happiness of the animal and the safety of our products during a time when deplorable conditions for animals and food-borne disease outbreaks and recalls have become the norm. Our philosophy here at MannaFeast is to let animals express their natural desires by exercising their innate traits and instincts. Our pigs should be able to be pigs which means rooting and wallowing to their hearts content just as pigs do. We do not put rings in their nose so they can't root or cut off their tails which is a common practice in the industry. This means our pigs can actually take part in their natural place on our farm rooting through the soil in our forests helping to clean the underbrush and provide the proper amount of disturbance for dormant seeds from the subsoil to emerge, increasing biodiversity in our forests. Our chickens are not de-beaked and in fact we cherish that they love to scratch and peck through the manure in search of tasty fly larvae they can eat helping to sanitize our pastures and efficently spread manure into the soil. This is why we follow our birds behind our herbivores just as you see in nature like with the egret following the rhinoceros in Africa. Because our animals live a natural life it makes for a happier animals but also a much safer product. Unnatural densities of very large numbers of animals sometimes numbering in the tens of thousands crammed into buildings with poor ventilation, little sunlight, and sitting in their own waste is a breeding ground for disease. We believe nature got it right first.

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