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Hormones are used in cattle production to increase growth rates usually in the form of capsules implanted in the ear. The amount of hormones used is very minuscule and most scientists will say that it is perfectly safe and very little ends up in the meat. Whether or not this is true we like to keep things natural regardless and tend to be purists when it comes to what we put in our bodies. Because of this, we will never administer hormones to our animals for any reason ever. It is important to note that hormones are NOT allowed in chicken production in the US. So, if you see a company claiming their chicken is hormone-free they are green-washing you to charge you more for the same product or make you think their product is of a higher quality! While we think it is great people are looking for hormone-free meat it is also important to know when it is simply being used as a marketing ploy to trick consumers. While it would probably be easier for us to simply say all of our meat is hormone-free and not go into details; part of our core values includes transparency and education and awareness. This means here at MannaFeast we believe in being upfront and honest about what's actually in your food so consumers can make better-informed decisions about what they put in their bodies.

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