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Heritage Breeds

Here at MannaFeast we raise heritage breeds whenever possible. Heritage breeds are old preindustrial breeds sometimes going back hundreds of years that have been maintained throughout history but may be endangered or facing extinction due to the industry demands of animal production today. These breeds however exhibit many exceptional qualities that small-scale producers are once again increasingly taking advantage of who aren't only concerned with simply how fast an animal will grow. This includes things like flavor, hardiness, mothering ability, and foraging ability or the ability for them to actively gleam their own nutrition from the land which believe it or not is actually a skill. Our hogs in particular are a type of heritage breed known as Tamworths prized for their excellent flavor. Tamworth hogs, once again gaining popularity, are a favorite among chefs and foodies alike and are known for their bacon with their long lean bodies. At MannaFeast you get the chance to eat these unique meats while preserving the biodiversity of some of our most important and oldest animal breeds.

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