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Antibiotics, when used properly, are clearly very useful and have no doubt saved many lives. However, their overusage particularly in animal agriculture is becoming a serious issue. Subtheraputic antibiotics are adminstered in feed or water to help animals to grow faster which creates new antibiotic-resistant bacteria. These so called "super bugs" are becoming more and more prevalent and are much harder to treat making them much more deadly. As we said, antibiotics have their place but at MannaFeast we are against the usage of subtheraputic antiobiotics in animals. These life saving drugs need to be reserved for when they are actually needed. While we would never allow an animal to die needlessly in the rare case that an antibiotic could save its life; we would never sell this meat to you as it would not be up to our standards even if sufficient time has passed to allow the clearance of the drug from the animal's body. We want to ensure the confidence of our customers and want you to know that you will only ever receive the absolute highest-quality meat possible.

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